Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Pursuing An MBA Online

An online MBA can help you achieve success in the very competitive corporate world. MBA can help you acquire skills and knowledge required to advance into managerial positions. There are some common mistakes that students enrolling into distance education MBA programs commit. Let’s take a look at them.Not Checking The Accreditation Of The University

This is THE most important thing that you need to do while applying for an online MBA program. An MBA from non-accredited colleges and universities has no worth in the job market and you will end up wasting your time and money. Don’t get fascinated by the course fee or by seeing the ‘benefits’ mentioned on their website.

It is easy to check the accreditation of a college/university and most have it displayed on their website – as that is what makes the degrees offered by the institution valid.

  1. Applying For The Wrong Specialisation

Choosing the right specialisation is important. Don’t just get enrolled into any specialisation that seems fancy to you. Make sure you choose the one with which you can maximise your subject matter expertise and the one that is in line with your career goals.

  1. Take Advantage Of The Time Extension

Most universities offer you 4-6 years to complete an online MBA degree program, when it is actually a 2-year program. Try and finish it within 2 years as taking more than that doesn’t really leave a good impression on employers. Completing it in 2 years will help you save costs too.

  1. Not Considering The Real Cost

It’s true that the cost associated with online MBA is less than traditional courses. However, when pursuing a course online, you don’t have access to libraries. While you get study materials online, many a times they are not enough and you might be required to purchase books. Also, the fee structure might vary for different specialisations.

  1. Not Studying Enough

The curriculum followed in online learning systems is same as what is taught in traditional courses. So, if you think that pursuing online MBA is easier, then you’re mistaken as you need put in the same efforts. Moreover, you need to balance work and studies and plan your schedule in such a way that you don’t miss project and assignment deadlines.

Whether you’re applying for distance MBA in operations or any other specialization, make sure to avoid these mistakes to shine in your career and get the worth of your time and money.


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