Cracking JEE and getting an admission in the most renowned engineering colleges of the country does not simple mean that you can be a good engineer. In order to be a good engineer, also need to possess a number of qualities apart from studying hard to crack the JEE Main2016 test and getting admitted in a good engineering college.

After you have cracked your JEE Main or Advanced and are about to start your engineering life, you need to take care of building up these important qualities in you to become a good engineer.

Technical Competence:

If you are getting prepared for JEE Mains 2016, you must be aware about how much do you need to study for engineering. This is only because if your base in some of the basic subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and mathematics is strong, then only you will be able get the technicalities of engineering. You need to ready to gain technical competency.

Focus and balance

There are a number of students who often fail to keep track of the JEE mains latest news and then often miss out some important points upon which they may regret on the exam date. This happens because they are so much into just studying that they forget about any news for the exam. Also, if you wish to sit for the exam, you need to keep proper track of the JEE mains or JEE Advanced announcements along with other important things in your life. Similarly, an engineering student needs to learn about focusing on his or her job and at the same time to balance more than 2 important events.

Communication skill

When you join a designation of engineer somewhere, you cannot simply tell your employers about the JEE Advanced cut off marks that you have gained. The interview panel may get impressed by the talent you have to gain good marks, but at the same time they may also wish to have some professional quality in you such as communication. Not only orally, but also in writing, you need to be good in communication so that you can not only impress the interview panels but also other people when you are in your actual professional field. Your communication skill will be needed in a number of places:

  • In introducing yourself properly to the interviewers and impressing them,
  • In dealing well with your clients after your actual professional life starts,
  • In conveying your thoughts and ideas in a positive way each time to your seniors in the organization,
  • In convincing people at different points of time and many others.


A career in engineering will not be a 9-5 job where you just need to complete you files and then come back home. Here you need to handle projects where you need to plan, prioritize things, delegate works to others, and manage disputes and many others. This will be also needed for various projects that you will handle in your college. You need to develop such leadership quality in you so that you can be successful engineer.


Not only leadership quality, but also you need to have a quality to work in a team. There will be a number of times when various project managers may have to brainstorm on a particular project together to get the best solution. In this situation, you need to mould yourself in such a way that you can comfortably work in a team. This is also required to make a college project together with other students to gain marks in a team.

As soon as you will get JEE Mains 2016 notification for results and you get good marks in it, you will rush to the colleges to take admission. But here along with the studies and practical sessions, you also need to learn other above mentioned skills in order to be a successful engineer in life.


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