A Look At Some Of The Rowing Machines Priced Between $500 and $1000

There are a few exercise machines, which can come anywhere near to a rowing machine. One must note that while it is extremely essential to engage in workout sessions, but time being a scarcity, it is essential to look for something, which can create a maximum impact, but in quick time. Rowing machines certainly fall under this category. These machines with the help of hand pulls and a movable seat go on to achieve a substantial impact. Hence, there are enough reasons as to why anyone will want to buy such machines.


On a survey of fitness equipment stores one should run into plenty of options. However, the key will be to choose wisely. Somebody who may have financial constraints will certainly not want to go for something costly. On the contrary going for a supplement priced cheap will also not serve the purpose. One must realize that quality options do not come cheap. Most experts who know a thing or two about handling rowing machines say that there are some wonderful options in the price range of $500 to $1000. Let us discuss in brief.

The Concept 2 Model D:

It is an indoor rowing machine priced at $900. Its vast array of features certainly makes it the best rowing machines for beginners. Let us look at its key positives in brief.

  • It is a highly space sufficient option and requires a foot print of 9’x4’. The machine is easy to store as it can be separated into two pieces after the completion of a workout program.
  • The sliding seat option allows one to enjoy a smooth workout.
  • It also boasts of flywheel design, which makes sure that during the workout there is no noise.
  • The machine is an ideal option for both home and commercial use.

Life Core R88 Rowing Machine:

This is another interesting option for fitness freaks eager to enjoy a rowing session.  People, who have used the machine, go on to say that this is just the option for someone who intends to achieve a quality workout right at home. The machine priced at $699 offer 8 levels of magnetic resistance. The machine comes with a cooling air vent and a solid steel fan. It is also convenient for storage purposes.

The Body Craft VR 100:

It is another interesting option for people who are on the lookout for quality rowing machine options. The machine priced at $590 offers six different levels of resistance. One is for air resistance and the remaining five offers a mix of magnetic and air resistance. The machine is made of aluminum and the frame is made of steel. The seats are highly efficient and the comfort factor has not been compromised.

The Sole Fitness Sr500 Rower:

It is another innovative rowing option priced at $899. A highly efficient rowing position and a seat height of 20 inches make rowing highly comfortable. With comfortable and highly secure footpads you feel a lot secure while indulging in workouts. The machine offers a combination of air and magnetic resistance.

The First Degree Pacific Challenge:

It is another major option for fitness freaks on the lookout for rowing machines. Priced at USD$888 it offers immense benefits for anyone who intends to have the best of workout sessions. Firstly, it is essential to note that the model is easy to assemble and with comfortable seats you are bound to enjoy the best of rowing experience. The model has the best of rollers and bearings and each penny spent on its purchase is worth its weight in gold.

These are some of the alternatives for anyone who intends to scout the stores for rowing machines in the price brand of $500 to $1000. One certainly runs into highly quality stuff but at reasonable prices.


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