5 Technologies That Offer Excellent Home Improvement Value

Technology doesn’t merely have to include gadgets and smartphones. In fact, there are advancements that can give your home greater value. Some of these additions may even pique the interest of potential buyers later on. Whether you’re installing a solar array or using the power of the sun to heat water, technology can cut costs while improving your lifestyle. Here are a few devices that can take your home to new levels of efficiency. HVAC Systems

When it comes to consuming energy in the home, the heating ventilation and air conditioning system is often the most draining. In fact, studies show that these units consume nearly half of the power running into the house. Replacing your HVAC with one compliant with energy star practices could save you on monthly cooling and heating costs. On average these units could reduce energy usage by as much as 30 percent.

Smart Windows

Some window systems today work to improve energy use in the home by detecting high levels of UV light. As a result, they may tint themselves in order to reduce the internal heat. Coincidentally, these units can also protect furniture in the home from the damages caused by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


According to the EPA, one-tenth of your temperate air could be escaping the house because of a lack of insulation. Many types created today are also often more efficient that those from the 20th century. Replacing this material could help you further reduce energy costs for maintaining heat and cool air in the home.

Smart Appliances

Not only do many smart appliances greatly reduce operational costs, but many of them are equipped with apps. This means you can control various aspects of an appliance from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Can you imagine how useful it would be to brew a cup of coffee at home as soon as you get off the plane? It’s versatility like this that can make life more efficient and free of stress.


There are a number of devices you can install to help cultivate the landscape. From moisture-sensing sprinkler systems to rainwater harvesting barrels, you could cut maintenance costs quite a bit. In reality, even the most barren of locations could have the perfect lawn with the right technology powering it, such as using additives that work to reduce water usage.

When installing new improvements, you want it done right the first time. This can save in replacement costs later on while ensuring the unit works as intended. Find a contractor now who can help you get more out of your home. With the number of technological advances on a seemingly growing on a yearly basis, you could be living a better and cheaper life tomorrow.


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