How To Remove Junk Files From Mac

I am an age-old photographer who has been in the industry since the film camera days when we had to toil hundreds of hours in developing the film rolls and then in printing them. Back then we did find it hard to post process the films as there was a certain limit up to which one can manipulate the taken images. After the introduction of the digital technology and the invasion of DSLRs over SLRs, I was initially hesitant to switch but as a professional you have stay up with the times to survive. As a photographer, I needed a lot of resource hungry applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Adobe Light room, Corel Draw etc., for performing various functions. Even a Macbook got slower and slower with continued usage of these applications and I did not know how to remove junk files from mac. That is when a friend had prescribed me to try using Movavi Mac Cleaner.


Even after the first use, I was able to see a lot of difference in the performance of the machine as it literally made the mac work like new. Before using the cleaner I did not know that my mac hard disk had these much of data and junk files in it. The best option in the Movavi Mac Cleaner is that one can let it do all the work on itself by choosing the option or one can choose to clean and delete individual types of files. As a Photographer using Photoshop and video editing tools in which I had to simultaneously work on tens of files, I have to save the sessions for easier retrieval. All these files have to be sorted out and in case of an unlikely crash I have to make sure that the cleaner does not delete the necessary temporary files from which I can salvage the works that I have did earlier. The cleaner also helps me to blanket clean all the junk files that are present in my mac.

Moreover I have this tendency to copy my photos every now and then from my camera. So I have a lot of duplicate images that are exactly the same but occupying two or more different places in my hard disk. The Movavi Mac Cleaner helps me to find all such duplicate files ranging from photos, videos etc. that I have saved for keeping them safe. Then I can delete the files that I do not need. In short this has been a miracle cleaner which not only made my computer fast but also made it possible for me work more efficiently.


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