Enhance Your Profession by Learning Devops, Ext JS and IBM BluemixCourses

What is Devops?

This course will make the candidates become a master in Continuous integration and testing, continuous deployment and delivery, and continuous monitoring. This course is mainly designed to make the candidates a practitioner of Devops by providing hands-on training on Devops tools.

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What the candidates will learn?

In this Devops course, the participants will,

  • Understand the concepts and necessities of Devops
  • Learn how to install and configure the common infrastructure servers like Apache, Nginx
  • Learn about the Devops tools such as Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios and GIT
  • Learn about the configuration deployment, packaging, and continuous integration using the GIT
  • How to improve the performance of infrastructure and set-up basic security for infrastructure

Who can take this course?

The following audiences can take this course,

  • Devops Architect
  • Automation Engineers
  • Software Testers
  • Security Engineers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Release Managers

Ext JS is a framework of JavaScript. This smooths the progress of building up full-featured, business- grade web applications. These types of web applications run well on desktop and mobile phones.

What the course is about?

This course teaches the participants how to use the Ext JS library to simplify the client-side scripting and user-interface development challenges. The participants will be provided hands-on training on the Sencha platform for building the touch-aware mobile applications.

In this Ext JS Training, the participants will get an overview of how the Ext JS data package works, and how it interacts with the front-end widgets. The participants will also learn about the general features such as the security, production of optimization code and continuous integration.

From this course, the candidates will learn

  • How to create grids to present hierarchical and report data for the users
  • How to deploy visualization techniques in Ext to produce business dashboards
  • How to test the code for front-end widgets and models to make an error-prone application
  • How to add the custom templates to the application

Who can do this course?

This course can be taken by,

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • People those who want to extend their JavaScript skills to build web applications.

About the IBM Bluemix course

The participants those who learn this course will become an expert in designing, developing and deploying the Cloud applications using the Bluemix platform. The participants will learn how to use the IBM Devops on the Bluemix platform and several cloud development techniques like CLI, BluemixUI and IDE.

The IBM Bluemix course is designed to provide the participants the requisite knowledge and the skills to become a good Bluemix expert. The participants will learn about the fundamentals of the cloud computing, basic concepts of Bluemix, Bluemix UI and IDE.

Who can do this course?

This course can be pursued by the following professionals,

  • Project Managers
  • Application development professionals
  • Cloud-based professionals
  • Architects
  • Software Developers

Fundamentals of the course

The candidates those who can understand high-level programming language quite easily are recommended to take this course. The quick understanding will help them to grasp the concepts sooner.


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